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Born in Lima, Peru and then transported over Florida, New York and somehow Russia to then end up in Malmö, Sweden. Then I started out using Photoshop at around the age of 12 and from that point on I was sold on that media, and the rest is history, as they say.

I knew what I wanted to do and I kept developing my skills. Eventually I needed a new challenge and that’s when I was introduced to motion. The first thing I tried was short intros, while attending Glokala Folkhögskolan, for Glokal-TV and from that point on, once again, I was sold on the moving media.

Meanwhile I kept doing art and music on the side as a way to relax. After 3 full lenght albums and plenty of art projects I’m now combining them all into one and venturing into cross-media and transmedia.


Adobe Premiere & Final Cut Pro 7

  • Reflektioner (Reflections)(Producer)
  • Heder (Honor)(Editor)
  • Friatidningen: Medborgarjournalistik(Producer/Editor)
  • noname – Runt Solen(Editor)
  • noname – Zombieland(Editor)
  • Yaya – Keep My People Alive(Editor)
  • N3V – Keep My People Alive(Editor/Producer)
  • Kade Quelimane – Mr. Officer(Editor)
  • Dokument: Sofielund Folkets Hus(Producer/Editor)
  • 07:00(Producer/Editor)
  • Ballongen(Producer)

I’ve got several years of experience with working in After Effects combined with the complete Adobe Suite. If you ever saw my early work in Photoshop you can see why the transition came easily for me.

    • RollPlay: Ehbon(After Effects/3D Element)
    • RollPlay: Dark Hersey(After Effects/Trapcode
    • RollPlay: D&D(After Effects)
    • State of The Game 100th Teaser(After Effects/3D Element)
    • Value Town(After Effects/Photoshop/Trapcode)
    • FOJAB Arkitekter(After Effects)
    • DesRow Intro(After Effects)
    • RealTalk(After Effects)
    • Climbing The Ladder(After Effects)
    • Donors By Heart(After Effects)
    • Pad&Pen(After Effects)

With more than 10 years professional experience both doing graphic for production, artwork, digital and print. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and FireWorks are my weapon of choice. Take a look through the slideshow and you can see some of the work I’ve done.

I’m working on my 4th album that will be coming spring 2014. It’s a futurebeat inspired album with a lot of sampling and vocal glitches. Grains for president 2014

IRNE by DaWe

Suzy Balboa Villanueva by DaWe

The album opens with Close Your Eyes, an ambient trip with gritty vocals and an industrial touch. … We’ll call it dope.

Luke Davis –

DaWe Made Music by DaWe

Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird; that’s easy. What’s hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.

–Charles Mingus

Previous Projects

RollPlay: Dark Hersey
State of the Game 100th Episode
Value Town
FOJAB Arkitekter
Zon 7
Donors By Heart
Sam Zne - Classic
Pad & Pen
Kade Quelimane - Mr. Officer
noname - Runt Solen
noname - Zombieland
Yaya - Keep My People Alive
N3V - Puro Calibre
Dokument: Sofielunds Folkets Hus

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Reflektioner (Reflections) is a transmedia project started in 2013/2014. Do you remember the old Choose Your Own Adventure games? We do. That’s we want to re-create in combination with a well developed story told in moving images through cinemagraphs.

What’s cinemagraphs? Elizabeth Flock explains it very well in her Washington Post article about what cinemagraphs is. She wrote that it’s a somewhere between a photo and a video, and that’s the way we’re going to tell this story.

It’s one part artwork and one part film but it’s not art film, it’s something new and exciting. It’s about capturing a moment in time and letting it stay on maybe a bit too long or maybe a bit too short, it’s up to the user to find a tempo and maybe they want to stand still. We want to create a space where our creativity together with the curiosity, that everyone has to explore can work both on the big screen, small screen, mobile and webb.

The original script that the idea is based around is written by Fitore Osmanaj. We found this highly visual script and knew that it was meant to be used for something like this.

All that it needed was a new approach and a new way of thinking outside of the box while still maintaining the aspect of tradition. What we ended up with was Reflektioner and a new interesting way of telling our story.

It’s somewhere between a photo and a video, a piece of artwork that seeks to perfectly capture a fleeting moment in time.

–Elizabeth Flock

(+46)70 43 48 066